A Tale of Two Cities - Peekskill and Morristown

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A Tale of Two Cities - Peekskill and Morristown

Postby rpotter » Mon Nov 23, 2009 12:34 pm

Good day folks -

I normally lurk around this site enjoying your many posts - the 'tones are surely blessed with a terrific and dedicated fan base.

I attended both the Peekskill, NY and the Morristown, NJ shows and offer here my reviews.

I first saw the tones on November 13, 1989 - so these were special shows for me, a twenty year re-visiting of the original line-up, a dream come true.

Peekskill, NY - November 19, 2009

Great little venue, polite staff, and they allowed me to openly record (thier comments - if the band allows it so do we). Show opens with Frontiers - I have waited years to hear this again. Sound is a bit muddy but the crowd is enthusiastic. So nice to see and hear Howard on stage with the boys - the addition of keyboards is pleasant. Lucy > Slipstream - wow!!! Sex in a Pan - great. Howard harmonica solo - man can he play. Set closes with Yee Haw Factor - smoking hot. Seems like the audience thinned out a bit during set break as there were noticeably more empty seats in front of me for second set.

Second set is great - sound is still a bit muddy, at least from my seats in row J center of room. Great versions of Serista, Cosmic Hippo, Sinister Minister, Sunset Road.

Final thoughts - good, strong performace, sound was a bit muddy, great fun to see Howard on stage again.

Morristown, NJ - November 20, 2009

Tonights venue was a little bit larger than the venue in Peekskill and my seats were a few rows further back (row R instead of J). The venue was not taper friendly -- I had contacted them earlier in the week and was quickly shot down, I do not think they have hosted many taper friendly bands and this request was just not something they wanted to or were prepared to deal with and I probably didnt do a very good job of selling the idea to them.

I was surprised and a little dissapointed that the set list from tonights show was identical to the previous two nights - I chose to go to two nights in a row as I was hoping to hear different songs - it has been my experience that the 'tones shows may have set lists every night but that the order is frequently mixed up and they usually play a few different songs from night to night. Perhaps there just wasnt enough time to work out more material. All that said, while the set lists were identical the vibe was very different for each night. Tonights show seemed to a bit "spacier" and they boys seemed to get a little further out there. Tonights crowd was a bit livlier and more responsive than in Peekskill - the boys responded appropriately.

I really enjoyed seeing Howard play with the band again - I enjoy what Jeff C does as well, but the 'tones with Howard is what I was first exposed to and that sound holds a special place in my mind. I sure do like the thought that when Jeff is busy and can't be with the boys that there is a "more than adequete" fill in for him out there in the form of Howard. I hope we dont have to wait another 16 or 17 years to see this configuation tour again - but next time take a little more time to work out some more great songs :-)


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Re: A Tale of Two Cities - Peekskill and Morristown

Postby Bumbershoot » Wed Nov 25, 2009 12:53 pm

Thanks for the reviews, Ray. I didn't get to see any of the Howard shows (I live too far away) so I like reading anything I can find about them. It's nice to hear something from the perspective of Howard-era fans, like you & Todd. I got into the 'tones after Jeff joined the group. Someday I hope to see the original Flecktones lineup!

Interesting how the two shows differed, even with the same setlist. I guess the crowd really can make a difference in the performance.

Slipstream is one of my favorite tunes, and the version I heard from this tour (the Dublin show) featured some amazing piano playing from Howard.

Odd that the crowd would thin out between sets at the Peekskill show. What's wrong with those people?!?

Thanks again for the reviews, and welcome to the boards!
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