Mission Impossible: Flecktones UK Roadtrip 2012!!!

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Mission Impossible: Flecktones UK Roadtrip 2012!!!

Postby savedali » Wed May 18, 2011 3:36 pm

As far as crazy ideas go, this one's way up there. But, the Flecktones' management has confirmed that they are definitely touring the UK and Ireland between January 13th and 17th on their way to the Glasgow Music Festival on January 19th and 20th.

That's not the crazy part.

The absolutely INSANE idea is...how would anyone like to go on a Roadtrip around the UK following the world's greatest band from venue to venue all the way to the Glasgow Music Festival?

5 days with Bela, Vic, Howard and Futch. Thousands of us descending on venues in Liverpool, Manchester, London, Cardiff, Dublin and Belfast...and astounding all the venue owners that I've called me who are adamant that there's not way on earth the Flecktones ("Never heard of them.") could sell a thousand or three thousand tickets at even one venue, let alone 5 venues around the UK.

Still, with this maybe being the band's last time touring together, I think it's an idea worth shooting for, as a way of saying a huge thanks for all the joy, delight and inspiration that they've given us over the years. And if nothing else, it'll be a musical adventure that we'll still be talking about 30years from now as the greatest series of gigs ever because the Flecktones' inner brilliance was totally unleashed because of the positive vibe created by thousands of their fans following them round a tiny island called Britain.

And even if you're outside the UK and happy to just see the Flecktones when they come through your town...what better excuse do you need to hop on a plane and come over to the UK to see the sights with fellow fans and the greatest band on earth; where when the papers and Facebook and Twitter are scratching their heads over this Jazz Flash Mob Phenomenon that just sprung up in the UK during Jan of 2012, you can proudly say "I was there!"

I'm being repetitive now, but I really think this crazy impossible never gonna happen in a million years idea is something that we can make happen if we work together, pool our ideas, skills, connections, money, and passion together. We can figure out the logistics of travel, accommodation, ticket prices etc. We can riff on ideas like exclusively designed "Rocket Science" merch, video recordings of the whole 5 days, booking the Flecktones on TV performances with Jools Holland etc., talking other artists to show up on the "Rocket Tour" and jam with the Flecktones...and loads of brilliant ideas that I'm not able to come up with on my own. And to use the cliche, even if we don't make it to the moon with the sights of this idea...we'll at least have broken free of the inertia of "the normal" to end up in the stars somewhere.

I think I've rambled enough!:)

But if any of this resonates with you, please respond to this post (I'm also putting it on the Flecktones Facebook page), spread the word...and PLEASE head over to the Flecktones UK Roadtrip 2012 page to LIKE it and share your ideas. I've already been calling up venues like The Royal Albert Hall, Shepherd's Bush, The indigO2...and my plan to kickstart this idea is gathering all the people in suport of this idea in one place to show the owners of this venue that there are loads of people supporting the Flecktones on their UK tour next year, which will make it easier for Flecktones management to negotiate great deals for the band and their tribe of Rocketeers (that's us!).

SO, what do you think?:)
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