Looking For Musicians In Austin TX

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Looking For Musicians In Austin TX

Postby The_Maestro » Sun Nov 08, 2009 4:45 am

Hey guys,

I'm a guitarist and just moved here from Colorado to Austin Texas and am looking for some like-minded people to form a Flecktones-esque group. If we put together a set I have a *nice* venue we can play at each and every week. Here's what I'm looking for:

1) A hard work ethic. I want someone who believes in hard work and persistence. As for my own creative side, if I'm not "feeling it" while I'm trying to come up with some music, then I force myself to feel it by writing out an odd time signature and placing accents on random beats. Then I adjust it accordingly to my taste and all of a sudden I have a cool and unique groove. I don't wait around for musical inspiration and I wouldn't want you too either. I want to jam out the Flecktones first, but I imagine if you're creative we'll come up with some cool stuff on the side too.

2) Intelligence. This seems to be a big deal breaker. Now though I play and love music, I have many other interests and consider myself very well informed on a variety of subjects. I could talk all day about physiology, philosophy, literature, astronomy, or whatever else interests me. I don't expect you to be interested in those things, but I would expect you to be interesting in something. Interesting people are interested. The goal is to play intelligent music so naturally I'd expect everyone in the group to be.... intelligent.

3) Personality. It would be really awesome if we could make awesome music together, but if we can't hang out in between gigs, or go pick up girls after a show then it wouldn't be a long lasting relationship. Someone funny, charismatic, interesting, etc.

Here's who I am:

My name is Max, I'm 23, and I've been playing guitar and bass for close to 10 years. I've also been teaching music for the past 5 years. I have an American Strat into a modified Deluxe Reverb with nice pedals, so I'd say I have good tones for guitar... and can make it sound "banjo-like" when appropriate for this band. I have composed a book of around 50 Bela Fleck solos/song-parts, and consider the Flecktones to be the best quartet of musicians ever assembled..

SO Austin, if you're someone who has vibed on every single point thus far, and who hasn't found anyone willing to throw it down like the 'Tones, then hit me up. Tell me about yourself and lets get together for a meet. I probably sound like a prick, but I'm pretty cool once you get to know me. I imagine I'll have to post this quite a few times to meet the right people, but I'm a patient guy and in the meantime... I'll be writing :)

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