Seeking Critiquing, first project.

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Seeking Critiquing, first project.

Postby TubaBoy » Tue Jun 05, 2012 10:43 am

I completed my first recording with a mic, after all these years planning, and procrastinating.

I recently acquired an accordion a couple months ago, and was eager to try out recording it. It took some time to decide on the first song to learn, and ended up on an old childhood favourite. Little did I realize that the bass chords on accordion were going to be pretty sinister to figure out (lol). I took Piano lessons when I was younger, so that helped quite a bit, but I still have a very rough time playing both hands together throughout the song, so I cheated: I recorded two tracks.

I just took the first take of each, pretty roughly and sliced out the extra noise between some broken segments, but used no compression/gain, or normalization. I recorded it in an apartment in a nice quiet area - I live next to a western saloon pretty much out in the sticks, so early in the afternoon is a great quiet time.

I used an entry level condenser mic, a MXL 991, as I tried using a Shure SM57 at first but it sounded just a bit too quiet for accordion so I figured I'd try a condenser mic.

I had issues keeping the accordion perfectly spaced next to the mic, and it was also my first time playing to a click track. (whew, what a pain at first) I also did a rather rushed job of aligning the two tracks, especially toward the end, but I was just so eager to hear it.

I'm thinking about re-recording it with better takes, and adding some tuba and maybe some euphonium or trombone.

Any feedback I can get to improve my recording techniques or tricks of the trade, I'd be very grateful :)

Here it goes:
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